January 15, 2011

India {Happy Pongal}

Today is Pongal - a celebration of the harvest and to give thanks to the sun god and livestock that have helped create the material abundance. The holiday is over 1000 years old and signifies the suns journey northward (and days getting longer). One of the traditions of Pongal is to draw kolams on the doorsteps to bestow prosperity on the home. Years ago, these drawings were done with colored rice powder, but today they use chalk. I walked around the neighborhood this morning and took some pictures of the kolams to share with you.

The stairs leading up in to the house

Doorstep leading into the house

View from the balcony of the house down to entrance

1 comment:

Halina said...

I've got to say- these would make for some great designs on my Ukrainian Pysanky!