February 28, 2011

30 for 30 {Days 26 & 27: Two for One}

Shirt-Target, Blazer-Limite, Jeans-Paige, Shoes-BCBG, Purse-Be&D, Necklace-Local

I threw this on Sunday evening to have dinner with my man and then watch the Oscars. Did you catch them? It was painful watching Anne Hathaway and James Franco host. I'm a big fan of Anne, but this was down right uncomfortable to watch. The chemistry between the two of them was awkward at best.  What did you think?

Monday's are always tough for me, and today was no different. It took me FOREVER to get ready this am. I started out with this:

Then threw on the sweater:

And than realized I would freeze to death without tights, so this is what I ended up with. I like it better without the tights- not so dark, which is why I moved the location...better light in the am in my office.

The rest of today I was running around like a crazy lady trying to get everything done prior to leaving for Oakland/SFO tomorrow. Starting the day at the dentist is not my favorite way to start a Monday. When I finally got in to work, it was back to back meetings and trying to get all my stuff ready for my visits Tues and Wed. After work I had a workout with my trainer-my body still feels like jell-o. Packing was the easiest chore on my list. I don't know how that happened, but it did. It was harder for me to find red/khaki combos to wear to the stores than to plan my non-work outfits. Thank you 30 for 30 for making this easier than normal. With limited clothes to chose from, and desperately wanting to be finished with this challenge, I created two of my final three outfits to wear on this trip. I'm planning on getting some pictures with San Fran in the background. Look for them later this week. Hope you have a good week!

February 27, 2011

Weekend Highlights {Cabin escape}

Homemade BBQ Chicken Pizza
Our weekend view
Our days started with Bloodys veggies
Our pile of entertainment
Breakfast egg bake with mimosa
Making snow angels

Fire to keep us warm
Slow cooker Chicken Jambalaya (Delicious!)
Thanks for inviting us up this weekend Jen! It was a ton of fun.

30 for 30 {day 25-Cabin Fever}

Cami-Target, Sweater-Limited, Cardigan-JCrew, Jeans-JBrand, Boots-Aldo, Earrings-Forever21, Necklace-Limited

I just got back from spending the weekend at my girlfriend's cabin. It was a great weekend despite the weather-the high yesterday was -2! We had big plans to snowshoe on Saturday but, the weather was so cold we only made it out for a brisk walk. With all the food and drinks we consumed, it was necessary to do some form of physical activity. Don't you love a weekend where all you do is lounge around, read magazines, eat great food, play board games, watch movies and gab with your girls? It was good to get away.

 Isn't her cabin rustic and cozy?

 I did brave the cold to snap a few pictures outside...amazing how adjusted we are to this weather. It was -2 when I took these pictures.

 This is the snow drift that blocked the front door -which is behind that huge pile on the left of the picture. Needless to say, entered through the garage because we weren't going to attempt to dig our way through.

I'll be posting highlight photos of the weekend in a bit so check back for that shortly.

February 25, 2011

30 for 30 {Day 24-Heading out}

Cami-Target, Shirt-JCrew, Jeans-Paige, Sweater-JCrew, Belt-Gap, Shoes-BCBG, Long necklace-Forever21,
Gold necklace-Limited, Green necklace-local, earrings-Local, Bracelet-Juicy, Watch-Coach

Today's post is short and sweet as I'm on my way out the door for girls weekend! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

February 24, 2011

30 for 30 {Day 23-Mustard Remix}

Dress-Anthropologie, Blouse-Target, Sweater-Gap, Tights-Hue, Boots-Aldo, Belt-Target,Green Necklace-Target,
Blue Necklace-Gift, Earrings-Macy's

This dress has become a favorite in my remix list. I've had to restrain myself from wearing it all the time. And to think...prior to this remix I rarely wore it. I found it a few summers ago on clearance at Anthropologie. It was one of those finds you buy simply because the price is too good to pass up. Turns out, it was a good investment, but I would have never known unless I had done this challenge. Do you have something in your closet that has been brought back to life by this challenge? 

Check out the ways I've remixed this dress in the past month:

February 23, 2011

30 for 30 {Day 22-Planning}

Kimono (worn as a blouse)-Winter Kate, Blouse-JCrew, Cami-Target,Skirt-JCrew, Belt-Target, Tights-Spanx, Shoes-Gap, Neckalce-Vintage, Ring-silpada, Earrings-Forever21
I just got back from a night of planning our girls weekend up north at the cabin. My girlfriend spoiled us with an awesome dinner of chicken chili, corn bread and tres leches cake. It was fabulous. Throw in a few glasses of wine and the planning pretty much did itself. I can't wait for the weekend! 

 As we started to map out the weekend, one of my girlfriends said her boyfriend wanted to know why we needed a "planning night". "Don't you just all grab some booze, chips and couple frozen pizzas"? That's such a boy response. Ummmm. I. don't. think. so. We've got the weekend all mapped out. Who's bringing which meals, games, drinks and desserts. I see mimosas, bloody marys, baked goods and comfort food coming my way. 

Now I've just got to make it thru two more days of work. Shouldn't be too bad. When you're planning a weekend like this, do you map it out and plan what everyone's bringing? Or are you a grab anything and let's hit the road kinda person?

February 22, 2011

30 for 30 {Day 21-Girly Professional}

Blouse-Gap, Cami-Target, Skirt-BCBG, Tights-Hue, Belt-Love Culture, Shoes-BCBG, Bag-Coach,Watch-Coach,
Bracelet-Juicy Couture, Bracelet-Local, Necklace-Forever21, Necklace-Juicy Couture, Earrings-Limited
I'm loving the color combo I pulled together today. Something simple and basic, yet not. I felt very girly and professional at the same time. Shows ya that you can make basics look chic and stylish - just add some key accessories. And add I did. I wore quite a bit of bling today-one of my co-workers even made a comment about it. It's just that I didn't want this to be another boring skirt/shirt combo. If I've learned anything in this remix, it's that I've got to have accessories. Limit my clothes, hold them hostage for all I care, just keep your hands off my accessories!

February 21, 2011

30 for 30 {Day 20-Snow Day}

Blouse-JCrew, Cami-Target, Vest-Local Boutique (props to my BFF for finding and snagging for me!), Pants-Banana Republic,
Boots-Aldo,Watch-Coach, Bracelet-Local, Bangle-Forever21, Bangle-Limited, Belt-Target, Necklaces-Gifts, Earrings-Forever21

Yep, you guessed it, still snowing! I feel like I wasted a great outfit at work today because no one was there. Between being stuck in driveways or taking the day off due to the holiday, it was a ghost town. Rats! But enough about work.

We've only got 10 days left to go in the 30 for 30. I'm feeling pretty good about my selections and what I can still remix for this last stretch. How about you? Are you taking part in the challenge? Have you been inspired by my posts to take a closer look at your clothes? Let me know, I want to hear how y'all are doing!

February 20, 2011

30 for 30 {Day 19-Snowmaggedon, Again?}

Sweater-Target, Cami- H&M, Cardigan-Gap, Jeans-JBrand, Scarf-won at a charity event, Earrings-Forever21, Hat-H&M, Boots-Juicy (not part of my 30 items as they're my snow boots and only wear them outside in the snow!)

It's snowing, yet again! I'm spending the day under my warm, fuzzy blanket, curled up reading and having more coffee. I've been trying to finish Shantaram since India. It's a fantastic book, just taking me longer to get thru than expected. I feel like I'm neglecting all the other books loaded on my kindle. Before we left for India, I went a bit overboard on amazon and downloaded like crazy to my kindle. I wanted to make sure I had enough reading material. Ha! Apparently I have enough to get me through the rest of spring (if it ever arrives)! 

I did take a break from reading today to make some Chaat - my favorite Indian snack. It's chickpeas, tomato, onion, cilantro, lime and spices. I love to just grab a bowlful when I want something to snack on. Doesn't look like I'll be doing much else today (except maybe shoveling). Hope you're all enjoying your Sunday.

30 for 30 {Day 18-French Bee}

I'm channeling a french bumble bee today, but I like it. Anytime I wear my black/white striped tee, I feel very Parisian. Pairing it with my mustard dress makes me feel a bit like a bumble bee. Hence, French Bee. We had brunch plans at our friend Hadley's house. But this wasn't just any brunch. This was a California White Wine tasting brunch. Each of us brought a CA white wine for the group to try. That's 11 bottles of wine at 11am. Yikes!  Good thing we had tons of food to go with that wine. We've been to Hadley's wine parties before and I must say, they are Fabulous!! This was no exception. The party started promptly at 11a.m. and we finally headed home at 6:30p.m. How's that for a power brunch?!? We had a great time and found a few wines we absolutely loved (the mimosas weren't half bad either!). The quiche was to die for. He had it catered from a local grocery store and I must say, it was worth the gazillion fat grams it must have contained. I don't think I've ever had a quiche so rich and creamy...pure cream was used in that baby I'm sure. 

As the wine and mimosas kicked in afternoon wore on, we broke out the camera and tripod. Nothing says afternoon fun like group shots using self timer! We got some classic shots - see for yourself: