January 22, 2011

India {Wearing my Saris}

I picked up my blouses from the tailor yesterday and set about the task of learning how to wrap a sari. My sister-in-law will tell you it's very easy. HA! That's what she thinks. When she showed me how to wrap and pleat the sari, I was thinking to myself "how will I ever master this?" How do you know how big to make the pleats? Which way do they go? I have to make two sets of them? This was more complicated than I thought. After several failed attempts on my own, I went back for more help. Turns out I was making the pleats the wrong direction - no wonder I couldn't figure out how to get them to drape down my back. The size of the pleats determine how easy it is for you to move in your sari, so you want them to be large enough to walk, yet not so large that the sari doesn't hang properly. It took me a better half of the day to get it right one time, but I did it! Practice will make it better. What do you think??

Hand woven silk sari

Traditional Kerala Sari (Cotton)

Machine woven silk sari


Halina said...

Goodness! Those sari's are so gorgeous! I love the color of the burgundy and the teal! I can't wait to look closely at them in person! Have a wonderful time for the rest of your trip and safe travels home! Perhaps we can share your trip at Gorkha Palace!

Anonymous said...

AMAZING. Love them all and you look beautiful.

S. B. Hadley Wilson said...

Wow, those are gorge, Erin!

Sarah R said...

As much as I like the bright colors, even the white one is fantastic! It would take me forever to pick out just one. They're all so pretty!