February 4, 2011

30 for 30 {Day 4 -TGIF}

Jacket-Anthropologie, Shirt(similar here)-J.Crew, Jeans-Paige, Shoes-BCBG, Necklace-Stella & Dot, Earrings- gift from India

TGIF is all I can say - oh, and I get to wear jeans to work today! Four days in and I'm so glad I decided to participate in this challenge. I even had a co-worker say I inspired her to take a look at her closet and wear something she hadn't worn in a long time (and she looked great!). That's what this is all about-working with what you have and really challenging yourself to mix it up. 

I've already learned a few things about myself in these four short days:

  1. I have WAY more clothes than I need. Any fashionista will tell you that you can NEVER have too many clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories - I used to be one of them. But getting ready for work each morning has been stress-free and I attribute it to fewer options. I'm forced to work with what I have and get creative. I see myself donating a lot of stuff at the end of this challenge
  2. I've done a good job investing in key pieces (patting myself on the back as I type this) that are very versatile. 
  3. I now honestly stand behind my statement to my clients (I shop for a handful of people) that it's not how much you have, but how you put it together. I preach this all the time to them, but haven't practiced it myself. 
This much self reflection in four days? What will I turn into at the end of 30? You'll have to stick around to see.


Halina said...

1. You look fantastic! You've styled it perfect.
2. Love the pics and poses!
3. Tell Ramesh to cover that grill!

Natalie Lord said...

I totally want that Gingham shirt from J.Crew!!

Linley said...

i loovveee that anthro jacket! it's a basic piece, but with a twist. plus ruffles - which is always amazing!!

archives said...

wow! i love that youre learning from this so fast!