February 6, 2011

30 for 30 {Day 6? tune in tomorrow}

Day 6
Sweater-Gap, Cami-Target, Jeans-J Brand, Boots-Aldo, Watch-Coach, Scarf-Unknown, Bag-Coach, Earrings-ForLove21

Ok, so I don't have any photos of me in outfit 6-yet! I am going to use tomorrow as day 6, so above is what I would have worn from my 30 items today, had I gotten dressed. I never changed out of my sweats the whole day! I know, I know, slacker. But, in my defense, I had a crap load of stuff to do and wearing my sweats was the best way to accomplish my list. Since I never really left the house (does a run to Target count if I was just getting Milk?), I didn't feel the need to pull together an outfit, pose and take pictures if no one would see me! First, I cleaned out my closet. I have bags upon bags of donations ready to go to my friend Cara. She started a non-profit this year that raises money selling consignment clothes (check them out on Facebook). Next, I organized my office which was LONG overdue. Then, I paid my bills and now I'm procrastinating on the mound of work I need to do by tomorrow for my job. No Superbowl parties for me. The Husband is at the bar with friends watching the game while I try to get my work done (obviously I'm not getting far as I'm writing this blog for all of you). Do you ever have days when you don't get out of your lounge wear? Are you productive or lazy?

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Halina said...

Dear Erin: I would like the exact outfit above for myself. The EXACT outfit. Please pass on to me. Thanks, your friend, Halina.