June 2, 2011

Bohemian Mix

Jumpsuit-F21, Blouse-Equipment, Vest-JCrew, Shoes-Born, Necklaces-EmersonMade, Bracelets-Gifts, local, Watch-Coach
Last night was Hadley's last night in Minneapolis (remember this card). I dedicated this post to him last week, but I've got one more post for him today (I promise... this is it, we've just been celebrating so many times, it's become funny!). Over the weekend, we took him out to Masu in NE Mpls with a bunch of friends (If you haven't been, get there now! it's awesome). It was a great night and even though he's leaving us, we're all super excited about his new adventure. I wore my 70's inspired jumpsuit because I was feeling festive and knew he would appreciate my look. Those who know me, know I love me some 70's! And when I saw this jumpsuit at F21, I knew it would be mine. Hadley called it bohemian and I have to agree. At first I was thinking more disco fab, but based on how I styled it, bohemian fits. Cheers to Hadley, and being bohemian.


Joe's blog said...

Hi Erin!
Fantastic outfit!
I L O V E bohemian 70's style and the pattern of the pants is to die for. Really. Where did you get it from? Looks very good on you. Some Janis Joplin in the background? I almost can hear it!

meggan said...

Only you can pull this off so great! Love it. And the new chair I see.

Erin said...

@Joe-thanks! They are from forever 21.

@Meg-loving the chair!