August 15, 2011

Big Pony

Tank-Target, Polo-Ralph Lauren, Blazer-JCrew, Jeans-Paige, Shoes-Vince Camuto,
Necklaces-EmersonMade, Watch-Coach, Bracelets-Target, gifts, Maui, Earrings-Limited
This post is dedicated to my husband, lover of all things Polo with big logos. I don't know what his fascination is, but he LOVES the big pony, they big crocodile, etc. I think my issue with Polo is that I lived in it in high school. I had every polo color under the sun, throw in sweatshirts and button downs and you basically summed up my closet. I lived in Polo. Not so much anymore. Don't get me wrong, I like Polo. I  just haven't shopped it in a while. Imagine my surprise when I tried on this fitted, striped polo and loved it. Lucky for me, my husband loved it even more and bought it for me!

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