September 22, 2011

Red and Khaki Thursdays

Tank, Tshirt, and shoes-Target, Khakis-JCrew,Vest-Atmosphere, Purse-YSL,
Necklaces-EmersonMade, Earrings-Limited, Watch-Coach, Bracelets-Maui, Target

It's no secret I work for the Bullseye. I've been there 15(!) years next month. I started back in the day in the stores, where this was my uniform day in and day out. I owned so much red and khaki, I had a closet dedicated to it. When I made the transition to HQ many years back, I purged all of it and only bought a few pieces for when I would visit stores. At HQ, we're casual on Fridays, but red and khaki is acceptable anytime. Because of this, many wear it on Thursday so it feels like two casual days instead of one.  I've just recently gotten back into the red and khaki Thursday drill, partly because it's a challenge to see how I can style it up. What do you think of the splash of leopard?

PS-My latest find at my favorite resale store -June. It's YSL and feels like buttah. I was
SO close to taking the leap on a vintage Chanel too, but just couldn't pull the trigger. Yet.

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