December 8, 2011

No thinking necessary

Sweater-BCBG, Cardigan-Target, Leggings-JCrew, Boots-Target, Necklace-Stella&Dot 

If I had to pick a uniform of sorts, something that I go to consistently, this would be it. Comfy layers and leggings that look casual enough to run errands, but if I decide last minute to go out for drinks, I'm ready to go. I tend to wear this a lot on the weekends or when I get too busy to think about what I'm going to wear.
Normally I don't accessorize too much with this, but since I got this Stella and Dot necklace, I find myself wanting to wear it with everything. I love how it suddenly makes this look that much more chic. All it takes is one little piece and wham!, the look goes from ok to WOW. What's your go to look? 

1 comment:

The Right Fits said...

I really like this combination! And am digging the Stella & Dot necklace!