October 12, 2010

Shop and Share

While recently shopping at J crew, I found out about a cool new program they are offering. It's called Shop and Share. You pick the day and time (even when they aren't open), bring at least four of your friends and J crew makes sure they can devote themselves to you during that time - all while giving 20% off everything you buy! Can I tell you I almost died when I heard this? I've been shopping at J Crew since high school, and when Jenna Lyons took over as Creative Director, I became obsessed with them. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jenna. Her sense of style is so effortless and chic and the same time. She has a way of mixing up the classics so they aren't so... well classic! I immediately worked with one of their shoppers to set up an event for my friends. And, you know that means I have to make invites for them. Here's a sneak peak at the sketches. I'll post pics later this week of the real deal. 

Shop and Share invite sketch
Want one? Hit me up and I'll make sure you get included in the event.

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