December 31, 2010

Bohemian Girl {1st Outfit Post}

We had a few close friends over last night for a whiskey (the boys) and vodka (the girls - we don't do whiskey!) tasting. Being we were at home and low key, I wanted to be comfortable but still stylish. I am in LOVE with this Winter Kate Jasmine Cardy my husband gave me for Christmas. The print is beautiful and I feel so chic when I wear it. This is my first attempt at an outfit post, let me know what you think. I took them myself with a tripod and self timer. I've wanted to post some earlier, but I'm not a good "poser". HA! They end up looking forced. I think I just need to relax and take candids... hopefully I'll get better. What are your tips for taking good photos?
Winter Kate Jasmine Cardy, Target Tshirt, Mango Jeans, BCBG Shoes, Vintage Necklace, Target earrings

Have a safe and Happy New Year!!

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