February 24, 2011

30 for 30 {Day 23-Mustard Remix}

Dress-Anthropologie, Blouse-Target, Sweater-Gap, Tights-Hue, Boots-Aldo, Belt-Target,Green Necklace-Target,
Blue Necklace-Gift, Earrings-Macy's

This dress has become a favorite in my remix list. I've had to restrain myself from wearing it all the time. And to think...prior to this remix I rarely wore it. I found it a few summers ago on clearance at Anthropologie. It was one of those finds you buy simply because the price is too good to pass up. Turns out, it was a good investment, but I would have never known unless I had done this challenge. Do you have something in your closet that has been brought back to life by this challenge? 

Check out the ways I've remixed this dress in the past month:

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Meggan said...

Love today's and 18!