February 23, 2011

30 for 30 {Day 22-Planning}

Kimono (worn as a blouse)-Winter Kate, Blouse-JCrew, Cami-Target,Skirt-JCrew, Belt-Target, Tights-Spanx, Shoes-Gap, Neckalce-Vintage, Ring-silpada, Earrings-Forever21
I just got back from a night of planning our girls weekend up north at the cabin. My girlfriend spoiled us with an awesome dinner of chicken chili, corn bread and tres leches cake. It was fabulous. Throw in a few glasses of wine and the planning pretty much did itself. I can't wait for the weekend! 

 As we started to map out the weekend, one of my girlfriends said her boyfriend wanted to know why we needed a "planning night". "Don't you just all grab some booze, chips and couple frozen pizzas"? That's such a boy response. Ummmm. I. don't. think. so. We've got the weekend all mapped out. Who's bringing which meals, games, drinks and desserts. I see mimosas, bloody marys, baked goods and comfort food coming my way. 

Now I've just got to make it thru two more days of work. Shouldn't be too bad. When you're planning a weekend like this, do you map it out and plan what everyone's bringing? Or are you a grab anything and let's hit the road kinda person?


Uriel and Tara said...

I'm a map-it-out kind of girl.

And I'm a fashion IDIOT. It's been fun watching you with your 30 pieces. I'm currently wearing cargo pants, a T-shirt, and a pink hoodie. Such is the life of a mom of 3 who works from home...


archives said...

i love how you used your kimono as a cardigan! it almost looks like a dress!

Brittney said...

plan it out...but plan for spontaniety. and i am LOV.ing the layers you've got going on here. so luxe. and your wedges. fabulous times 18.
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