February 9, 2011

30 for 30 {Day 8 - Colored Tights}

Dress-Anthropologie, Blouse-JCrew, Cami-Target, Tights-Target, Boots-Aldo, Necklace-Juicy Couture, Belt-Target,
Watch-Coach, Earrings-Forlove 21, Ring- BCBG

I did it. I wore colored tights today. Not as bold as the purple I wanted to wear on Monday, but still...they were blue. They do look a bit smurf blue in my pictures though. I don't recall them looking this bright at work today. Maybe it's just me. This is the my second wearing of this dress (see my first outfit here) and I'm really glad I chose it as part of my 30 items. It hadn't seen any rotation in my regular wear, but now I find myself uncovering more to wear with it each day. I've had to hold myself back from wearing it twice in one week. 


steve said...

You are inspiring me to consider a male version of this creative effort...cept...no one( read guys) would care about a dude's outfits for 30 days!

monster cakes said...

Oh I love this outfit! I love navy blue with yellow. Always. Just a fellow remixer wanting to say hello! xo Good luck!

mk said...

i love every single thing about this outfit. you look fabulous!!