March 4, 2011

30 for 30 {Day 30 - Finale!}

Sweater and Cami-Limited, Kimono-Winter Kate, Jeans- Paige, Boots-Steve Madden- Cross necklace-Vintage, Necklace-Tiffany&Co, Earrings-Forever21, Watch-Michele, Ring-Silpada

Done. Finito. Finis. Boo ya! This is my last outfit in the 30 for 30 challenge. I can't tell you how happy I am to start wearing the rest of my clothes. They've missed me almost as much as I've missed them. For real. They have. They feel neglected. But fear not, I plan to give each and every item in my closet the attention they need. I've learned a ton through the course of this challenge and don't plan to go back to my bad habits. My local J.Crew salesperson emailed and snail mailed me a personal note saying she hadn't seen me in forever. She asked me to come in and check out all the new clothes that just arrived. I won't be tempted. I WILL NOT be woo'd by bright, colorful spring clothes. Well, maybe a bit. But, I'm sticking to a budget and only getting a few things that I "need". Right now I'm going to enjoy the weekend. We've got the Opera on tap for Saturday night and I've got to find something to wear. Yes... it will be from my closet. I don't think I can stomach saying "I've got nothing to wear" when I haven't used anything in my closet in the last 30 days. I'll be shopping in my closet tomorrow if you're looking for me. Have a super weekend!

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archives said...

YAAAAAY! Congrats!!!!!! It feels SO GOOD to be done, right?! :)