March 16, 2011

Target (or Tar-jay)

Check these beauties out! They arrived in the mail today from Aren't they just gorgeous? I didn't even realize they were available yet, but... they are. Just one more great designer partnership with Target! Have I mentioned I love Target (doesn't hurt that I work for them - but they don't pay me to write this stuff, just love the place I work!). When I saw these shoes online this weekend, I knew I had to have them. Now, I could have just run down to my Target to get them, but they were buy one, get one 50% off online only! Now that's a deal I couldn't pass up (add on my team member discount and the 5% rewards for using my Target Visa- can you say STEAL!!). I should be getting the other pair later this week- for some reason they needed to ship them separately (not that I mind because it was also free shipping).

Speaking of Target, Tuesday was our Spring Meeting. Picture a sea of people, dressed in red and khaki, invading downtown Minneapolis on their way to Target Center. There's always a buzz of anticipation as you walk into the meeting - who will be there (this meeting it was Ricky Martin and Jennifer Hudson!), what's coming up this year (Godiva chocolate for Easter? Yum) and reconnecting with friends in from the field. It's always a good time and today was no exception. During the meeting, we had a fashion show highlighting the Go International 5 year celebration. It featured the dresses from various designers we've collaborated with over the years. I snagged four(!) of the re-released dresses last Friday. The store I shop at is an early set store, so I was there waiting for them to open. As soon as we were let in, it was a mod scene in dresses. Girls were grabbing 5-6 dresses at a time. I don't think I've ever seen a line for the fitting room at Target! I went in to get one, walked out with four and was happy with all of my purchases. Can't wait to remix them this spring and summer!

Go International Dresses from left to right: Alice Temperly, Jovovich-Hawl, Tucker and Proenza Schouler


S B Hadley Wilson said...

Cuteness! Is it too early to wear spring clothes? With the birds already chirping, I think not!

meggan said...

Super fun! I LOVE the shoes! Dresses too. I can't wait to just walk out the door in dress and sandals.