April 18, 2011

Cheap Sailor

Blouse-JCrew, Sweater-JCrew, Jeans-Vintage Levi's, Shoes-Seychelles, Purse-Arza, Necklace-Local, Earrings-F21
 I've gushed in the past of my adoration for JCrew, it's a sickness for me. Have I mentioned I keep every month's catalog in a file? I leaf through them frequently for inspiration. Their styling is spot on with a cool mix of prep and trend. I've been a fan of them since I was in High School, and that was a LONG time ago friends! The other night I became giddy when I walked into my local JCrew and found all clearance items were an additional 30% off- that's like getting it for free. I found this sweater for a whopping $13.99 (original price was $110!). It's got a great pea coat look to it and I see a lot of wear in the near future.

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