April 19, 2011

Closet Overhaul

Tank-Target, Cardigan-JCrew, Vest-JCrew, Jeans-7for all mankind, Belt-Limited, Earrings-Target,
Necklaces-Target, Bracelets-Gift, F21, Ring-BCBG, Purse-Fendi, Shoes-BCBG
Saturday was spent with a new client. We went through her closet, cleaned out all her old stuff and put together about 20+ outfits with what was left. I took pictures for her to reference when pulling together outfits and then made her a list of the items she should be on the lookout for. I love going through other's closets and showing them the possibilities they have. It's like giving them a whole new wardrobe. Next up we'll be shopping for the items on the list and she's going to be looking amazing!

On my way home from her house, I stopped at an out of the way Target and found the two necklaces I'm wearing on clearance. They were a steal to begin with, but then layer in my discount and the additional 5% off for using a Target card and it was almost like they paid me to get them!! Looks like I need to venture outside the city limits once in a while to get my hands on the stuff that doesn't sell in suburbia.  


Joe's blog said...

It's a good idea to combine this sporty vest with this printed belt. Looks good on you.

Hadley said...

Are you allowed to share her customized look book?