June 21, 2011

Fatigued Animal

Shirt-Store in Maui, Skirt-BCBG, Sweater-Target, Belt-Target, Shoes-DV Dolce Vita, Bracelets-Gifts,
Juicy Couture, Maui, Watch-Coach, Necklace-EmersonMade, Earrings-Limited

Monday came way too quickly. My blog post title is both describing my outfit and my state of mind at this point. I could have really used a weekend from my weekend. Don't get me wrong, I had a great weekend. But getting up today was BRUTAL. Top that off with meetings back to back all day (I didn't even have time to eat lunch) and then finally leaving the office at 5:45 only to come home to finish what I didn't accomplish at work. UGH. Someone pass me a bottle of wine stat!  I'm glad I'm taking Friday off this week, if only to sleep in. Ha! Why are Monday's so bad? I think it should be mandatory 3 day weekends with Mondays off. But then would Tuesday's become the new Monday? Hmmm things to ponder as I try to get myself to bed early.

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