June 10, 2011


Blouse-Gap, Kimono-Winter Kate, Jeans-Paige, Belt-JCrew, Shoes-Born, Necklaces-EmersonMade, Earrings-Limited
This was one long week. I don't know if it was because last week was short or because the weather did 50 degree shifts this week, but man am I glad it's Friday. We went from record breaking 103 degrees on Tuesday to 50 degrees last night. How's that for culture shock. Just when I thought summer was here, mother nature slaps us in the face with what looks to be early spring-including rain. I can't complain too much, as I prefer dressing for cooler temperatures. I'm not a shorts gal, and when it gets hot I have a hard time finding stuff to wear.  Give me 65-70 and sunny any day. What about you? Are you a warm weather lover? (I don't think anyone here was after Tuesday, that's for sure!)

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Hadley said...

I love picture #3 -- it's so fun and flirty!