October 19, 2011

Menswear Flair

Shirt-Borrowed from my husband, Vest-from Atmosphere, Pants-JCrew,
Shoes-Target, Purse-Madewell, Necklace-Target, Watch-Coach, Bracelets-Maui, gifts, Target

 I was feeling a bit sassy when I put this together. I wanted something to pop under the animal print vest and wast going to settle for the run of the mill black sweater or shirt. I wanted it to be unexpected. And I found it in my husband's closet. Do you ever raid your better half's clothes? I do all the time. I find the proportions to be just want I need sometimes. Not so fitted, a bit slouchy, even relaxed. Not to mention he likes me in his clothes-bonus for me. It's like having a second closet to choose from.


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Or how about Atmosphierce? ;-)