November 9, 2010


Saturday, I'm attending a 65th Anniversary Ukrainian Formal with a girlfriend. I don't go to many events where I can wear a full length gown, so I'm bursting with excitement! Usually it's cocktail attire and I go for short and flirty. It took me a while to find one I really loved, but here it is:
BCBG Dark Navy dress $328

With the dress being as simple as it is, I went with these shoes (just got them today - Love you Zappos!):
Sam Edelman Novato $99

I really wanted these, but with a trip to India at the beginning of the year, I need to watch my spending!
YSL Tribute Sandal $1090

Now I need a purse!  Thoughts on what I should wear? Comment below. I'll post pictures next week of what I decided.


Amber N. said...

Love the dress and the shoes! Your sense of style is inspiring :) and you definitely made the right decision on the shoes - way to save some $$$$$$$$$$$

Alicia said...

Oh great heels!! The shoes will be a fun surprise under your long cocktail dress ;)

Beckerman Girls said...

LOVE this whole look! If you do leopard heels, I think it would be really killer to do leopard purse too!!! Love the draping of the DRESSSS!!!!
xooxBeckerman Girls

S. B. Hadley said...

Simple: red purse.

Sarah Riedl said...

Gorgeous! That dress will perfectly emphasize your teeny waist!