October 7, 2011

Birthday Month {Part 2- Tablescape and Outfit}

Yesterday I shared the cake I made for Ramesh's birthday. Today I'll show you the table setting and my outfit. Since this was a casual evening with friends, I wanted a low key vibe, but with understated elegance. Both my table setting and my outfit fit the bill perfectly. (Disregard the wrinkled runner-I set it first to see how I liked it and took pictures before, but not after the whole table was completed and set). 

Always have plenty of water to offer your guests, especially if you will be drinking. I decided to pile the water bottles up in a tub to make them more accessible. In the future, I'll be putting water in these re-usable bottles to minimize the plastic we use.

Sweater-H&M, Vest-F21, Jeans-Paige, Shoes-BCBG, Necklaces-EmersonMade, F21,
Watch-Coach, Bracelets-Target, F21, Gifts

I wanted to be comfortable since I still had some cooking to do once everyone arrived. Comfortable does not mean un-stylish. Take a simple black cardiagan, throw a faux fur over it and BAM! instant glamour. So easy and yet so chic.

Always have to get the group shot using the timer

I love that Alaina and Lalo matched in orange and didn't even plan it
(they just realized this at the end of the night)