October 25, 2011


Dress(worn as a skirt)-Target, Shirt-Equipment, Sweater-H&M, Blazer-BGBG,
Boots-Seychelles, Necklace-Target, Rings-NY&Co, Earrings-F21

These last few months have been one gigantic blur. It's like I'm watching my life as a movie on fast forward. I'm out of balance. I think I've overcommitted myself trying to do too many things. I took Friday off last week just to catch my breath. I spent the day running errands I had on my to do list for months. It was such a sense of accomplishment. I sense a change coming. Time for me to take control and get some order back in my life! How do you re-balance yourself when you find you're out of whack?


Kristin said...

Nice sweater! I wore mine on Saturday.

Hadley said...

I always keep a list of my priorities/commitments/goals so that I can defer to something when I'm feeling overwhelmed and need to make modifications. I have four buckets: Relationships (family, friends, dating), Work (writing), Culture (photography, travel, and hopefully volunteering with the SF Opera), and Fitness (weights, cardio, and golf). Writing things down keeps my objectives tangible, manageable.